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INPTRA Membership

Support our goals by becoming an Organizational Member, Partner or Affiliate of INPTRA! 

INPTRA’s purpose is to provide a forum for existing and emerging physiotherapy regulatory authorities, and other related organizations, to participate in exploring and furthering understanding of regulatory systems, issues and opportunities around the world, and to facilitate international cooperation and collaboration on issues of mutual interest.

As a Member, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your organization was instrumental in furthering INPTRA’s purpose.

Overall goals include the following:

  • Develop a website to serve as a resource to physiotherapy regulators
  • Mentorship of developing regulatory structures
  • Providing educational webcasts and meetings on timely topics of physiotherapy regulation
  • Sharing resources

We believe that INPTRA will provide physiotherapy regulators with the following opportunities.

  • To share approaches, information, practices and best practices
  • To learn from other regulatory approaches
  • To see different futures
  • To culturally expand as we understand the similarities, differences and underlying assumptions that impact our world
  • To provide individuals with the opportunity for involvement in a international physiotherapy regulation organization through committee work
  • To explore topics such as centralized or decentralized regulation, entry-level examinations, scope of practice, diversity in the scope of practice, supply and demand forecasting, mobility and the need for a unified professional educational model, accreditation and the need for assessment of professional education standards, credentialing assessment of education standards,  disciplinary processes, professional databases (licensure, exam, discipline, practice settings) and continuing professional development models

INPTRA Membership


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