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The International Network of Physiotherapy Regulators is an independent organization made up of physiotherapy regulators and other interested stakeholders whose purpose is to promote excellence in physiotherapy regulation.


The mission of INPTRA is to promote and contribute to the continuous development of leading regulatory practice through education, information sharing and other collaborative activities with key stakeholders worldwide.


To be recognized as the leading international authority on excellence in physiotherapy regulation, ensuring safe and competent practice.


  1. Continuously develop our range of services and resources to meet the evolving needs of our stakeholders.
  2. Provide the INPTRA community with enhanced opportunities for engagement, participation and collaboration in promoting leading standards and regulatory principles.
  3. Work collaboratively worldwide to build a research network that builds the evidence-base for regulatory effectiveness.
  4. Develop our leadership capacity in support of the mission and the vision.

2016 Areas of Focus and Goals

  • Plan the 2017 Conference.
  • Plan and execute three webcasts during 2016.
  • Seek member and non-member input into 2016 & 2017 webcast topics.
  • Maintain links (as possible) to INPTRA website from member and non-member regulatory authority websites.
  • Evaluate current education strategies and make changes as necessary to provide education to stakeholders. 
  • Submit a proposal to present on a regulatory topic at WCPT in 2017 in Cape Town, Africa.
Research and Resource Repository
  • Monitor and post pertinent resources and research on the INPTRA website.
  • Encourage PT regulatory authorities to share resources.
  • Select one area of the INPTRA Guiding Principles to further detail common regulatory standards (education, educational accreditation, entry level competence, competence or continuing professional competence).  Consider the appointment of a task force beyond the Board members.
  • Expand the regulatory repository to assist member and non-members.
Build the Membership Base and Retain Existing Membership 
  • Re-survey attendees of the INPTRA 2015 conference for need identification, issues and possible assistance.
  • Explore securing funding to the INPTRA 2017 conference to insure the attendance of two regulators from disengaged continents.
  • Continue publishing an electronic quarterly newsletter in 2016.
  • Market and communicate with members and potential members through multiple sources (i.e., webcasts, website, Internet, newsletter etc.).
  • Promote sharing of information between members.
  • Increase membership to 12 organizational members and 6 individual members by the end of 2016.
Organization and Financial Solvency
  • Maintain an effective and efficient Secretariat for INPTRA given our limited resources.
  • Achieve 2016 operating budget.
  • Provide quarterly financial reports to the Board of Directors.
  • Continue collaborative relationships with other associations of regulatory boards, professional associations, the academic community and other related organizations (e.g. WCPT, IAMRA, Australian Physiotherapy Council, APTA, CLEAR, and FCCPT).
  • As proposed and assuming an interest on the part of WCPT, collaborate on a topic of mutual interest.
  • Provide consultation, technical assistance and training regarding regulatory processes to at least one new country during 2016 (via electronic means). 

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