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About Us

INPTRA is organized and operated to support physiotherapy regulation. Educational and collaborative activities, communication, participation and interaction are the key to our success.

The INPTRA website is a tool for you to identify regulatory issues, leaders and groups in various countries - the power to gain broader input, communicate, post and publish.

Benefits include networking, collaboration, mentoring and sharing your meaningful expertise - plus as a resource for a compilation of views on focused research, regulation, benchmarking and best practices.

Purpose of Regulation

The purpose of regulation is to provide the public assurance that a physiotherapist is suitably qualified and competent to provide safe and competent care that meets appropriate regulatory standards.

Guiding Principles on Physiotherapy Regulation

View INPTRA's Guiding Principles on Physiotherapy Regulation at Regulatory Resources to learn about specific areas that should be addressed in a regulatory model for physiotherapy.


Organizational & Individual Members/Partners/Affiliates

  • Organizational Members are national and jurisdiction physiotherapy regulatory authorities and associations of physiotherapy regulatory authorities
  • Individual Members have an interest in physiotherapy regulation from an international perspective.
  • Partners are organizations, which are national, multinational and/or international in scope, and have a nexus to INPTRA as indicated by their interest in physiotherapy regulation, including credentialing, evaluation and assessment, education or other matters related to quality and integrity of the practice of physiotherapy and can reasonably be expected to add a unique perspective or bring expertise to the deliberations of the organization and are not otherwise eligible for membership.
  • Affiliates are international organizations of other healthcare regulatory associations.

Meetings of the Membership

Meetings of the membership are held every two years in conjunction with either the World Confederation for Physical Therapy Congress or the Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR) International Congress.

The next meeting will be held in conjunction with the WCPT Congress 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland .

INPTRA Annual Reports



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